Closing Borders is a Priority for Controlling the Corona Virus

Web Desk – Countries around the world closed their borders on Saturday to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus. Strict restrictions were placed on entry into the country, the quarantine preconditions were being followed and large gatherings were banned.

According to a Reuters report, Apple’s stores will remain closed in China outside the world by March 27. Meanwhile, all 42 stores opened in China on Friday. This has happened at a time when there has been a dramatic drop in virus spread across China.

Since more than 5,000 people have been killed worldwide and about one million people have been infected with the virus. All countries have closed museums. Tourist attractions and events are being held, so that the Krona virus is less likely to spread.

Colombia says it will close its borders with Venezuela and stop tourists returning from Europe or Asia, while most of the people coming to Europe from Europe have been closed since Friday night. ۔

The World Health Organization has said that the Corona virus began in China last December. Europe has now become the epicenter of the virus outbreak, where more people are killed and the number of victims than ever worldwide.

Saudi Arabia has announced that it will close all international flights for two weeks from Sunday. This was reported by the Saudi Press Agency, operating in the country’s custody.

Taiwanese people coming from Europe, Britain and Ireland will have to be ready for a 14-day quarantine ban. New Zealand has also announced similar sanctions for all entrants.

Only six people have been confirmed with the virus in Australia while no one has been killed. However, the Prime Minister has said that the number of victims may increase.

Meanwhile, with the implementation of emergency rules next week, the UK has announced a ban on congregations. While critics have termed the ban very soft.

The Philippine capital Manila, which has a population of 20 million people, announced a curfew from Saturday to night and ordered all shops to close their businesses for a month.

On the other hand, where the spread of the Corona virus worldwide, the number of its victims in China is steadily declining.

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