Chromium Edge browser for Windows 10 users, this is the specialty

Microsoft has released an update of the Chromium engine based Edge Browser. This will be available to Windows 10 users. Representational Image

Microsoft’s web browsers have been failing for a long time. In particular, people prefer Microsoft’s web browser less than Google Chrome and Firefox. Whether it is Edge or Internet Explorer. Perhaps this is the reason that the company is now releasing the Chromium engine based Edge browser.

From today, Windows 10 users will be given this Chromium Engine based web browser. The company will release it as an update. According to a blog post of the company, Windows users will have to switch to the updated Edge browser. However, business users can continue to use the old browser by blocking this change.

What is chromium engine?

Actually, web browsers like Google Chrome and Opera run on the Chromium engine. Chromium Engine is an open-source web browser project developed by Google. Any other browser can be developed using its source code. Chrome belongs to Google, but other companies also make Chromium engine based web browsers.

With this step of Windows, you will see big changes in Edge Browser in the coming time. The user interface will look new where you will be able to create a profile. There are different options here for tracking prevention, from which you can select. The extension of Google Chrome will also work in this browser. Apart from this, features like progressive web app and immersive readers will also be available.

According to StatCounter Global Stats, Google Chrome is currently on the top list of web browsers. Apple is the Safari browser on the second number, while the Mozilla Firefox web browser is on the third number. Samsung Internet is at the fourth position in this list and Opera at fifth. After this, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer number comes.

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