Chris Jordan has no regrets about leaving the PSL late but what ultimately led to his decision? Finally told

LAHORE :England cricket team player and Chris Jordan representing Pakistan Kings in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) is satisfied with the decision to leave Pakistan late, saying the only concern is the suspension of flight operations. Was

According to the details, Chris Jordan said there was no remorse for the PSL to stay late. The Corona virus had not started spreading at that time, and the only concern was that the flight operation could not be returned after the situation in England was further deteriorated, but when Alex Hales informed his fellow teammates. So it was decided to postpone the event.

Chris Jordan said: “We were sure that we would be informed about any situation in advance, but when Alex Hales informed his teammates about the situation, it was decided to postpone the PSL, We did the test, but not too worried, I did a lot of study and I know that anyone can get caught with the corona virus, someone who can cause you to suffer. Symptoms have not yet appeared, I just kept in mind that I wanted to maintain as much distance as possible.

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