Chinese mysterious virus spreads to Australia and US

According to Gao Fu, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, basic information about this new virus-borne illness is being collected and research is underway in different laboratories. The Chinese health commission’s deputy head, Li Bin, called the virus a “super-spreader” or an outbreak. Following are the details of the global concern and other measures for the virus:

 A new type of virus is spreading

Born in Wuhan, the most densely populated city of Hubei, China’s central province, patients diagnosed with coronavirus have been diagnosed in different continents. Apart from Asia, patients have been identified in the Australian and North American continents, who have been diagnosed with the virus.

Staff at Wuhan’s hospitals have also been asked to take protective measures

One patient in the United States and Australia has also been shown to be diagnosed with the virus. In addition, patients with the virus continue to be treated in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and Taiwan. North Korea, which has a long border with China, has banned the entry of any foreign tourist from its border.

World Health Organization warning

In a special meeting Wednesday, January 22, at the World Health Organization’s headquarters, the effects of the Chinese virus will be reviewed. It is likely that the World Health Organization may declare a global health emergency in relation to the disease. In the past, the World Health Organization has issued a warning that the virus can spread to different regions of China as well as to other countries.

Various Chinese companies have instructed employees to wear masks

The warning for China was issued at a time when millions of citizens will be traveling in and out of the country from January 25 to celebrate the new lunar year in China. The World Health Organization has started research on the new virus and has the potential to develop an immune vaccine as soon as possible.

The situation in Wuhan

Wuhan’s medical authorities say the death toll from the pneumonia virus has risen to nine, and the number of victims has risen to 440. People who have severe chest pain and difficulty breathing due to swelling of the lungs. In addition, a cough that causes the patient to cure it.

According to Li Bin, deputy director of the Chinese National Institutes of Health, all the deaths have occurred in Wuhan City. It has also been confirmed that the virus can transmit from human to human. Authorities have taken emergency measures to curb this mysterious virus.

According to Li Bin, deputy director of the Chinese National Institutes of Health, the new virus spreads rapidly

Protective measures

The Chinese government has begun spraying pesticides at domestic airports, train stations, and shopping centers. In addition, medical staff has been instructed to take strict protective measures. More than a dozen members of hospital staff in Wuhan have also been infected with the virus.

Several countries in the Pacific and Asia have decided to introduce more precautionary measures against this new deadly variant of the coronavirus that has grown in China. It has also decided to do a special screening of 24-hour flights from China and do not discount any passenger.

Kathy Pacific Airlines flying to Hong Kong from different cities has ordered staff members to wear mandatory masks. All casino and casino employees have also been instructed to wear protective masks in Macau, the world-famous casino for gambling.

AD HUA (Reuters, AP)

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