Chinese medicine can play a role in pneumonitis infected by new coronavirus

Chinese medicine can play a full role in the prevention and treatment of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection-an interview with academician Zhang Boli, an expert of the National Scientific Research Expert Group)

Traditional Chinese medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine for the treatment of infectious atypical pneumonia, the efficacy has been affirmed by the World Health Organization. What role will Chinese medicine play in the prevention and treatment of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection? Has it been effective in actual treatment? Are there any proprietary Chinese medicines or components of traditional Chinese medicines that have been proven effective for this disease? In response to these problems, the reporter interviewed Zhang Boli, an academician of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, an expert on the scientific research and tackling work mechanism of the new-type coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic joint prevention and control working mechanism.

What role can Chinese medicine play in the prevention and treatment of pneumonia?

“Traditional Chinese medicine has curative effects in reducing fever symptoms, controlling disease progression, reducing hormone consumption, and reducing complications.” Zhang Boli said that pneumonitis caused by the new coronavirus is the result of a game between virus infection and the body’s immune status. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment often focuses not on disease but on its ability to resist disease, which has unique advantages in improving clinical symptoms, reducing complications, and improving quality of life. “It’s the same as target therapy, but it can also cure the disease.”

“In the treatment of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus, traditional Chinese medicine can play a full course and play a full role, but I still advocate integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment.” He said that traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine have their own strengths, each has its own emphasis, complementary advantages, and synergistic effects. . There are currently no effective drugs for the treatment of this pneumonia, mainly supportive and symptomatic treatment. It is particularly important to treat patients in a coordinated manner with Western medicine. “Everything should be based on the principle that patients benefit the most.”

The National Conference on Traditional Chinese Medicine held in 2019 has clearly promoted the complementary and coordinated development of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, giving full play to the unique advantages and role of traditional Chinese medicine in preventing and treating diseases. Recently, the National Health and Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued the “Pneumonitis Diagnosis and Treatment Program for New Coronavirus Infection (Trial Version 3)”, which details Chinese medicine treatment methods. The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine has also established a leading group for the prevention and control of pneumonia epidemic in response to new coronavirus infections, and organized experts in traditional Chinese medicine to actively participate in medical treatment, especially for severe and critical cases.

Has TCM treatment been effective?

Traditional Chinese medicine has shown clear results in the treatment of pneumonitis caused by a new coronavirus. Zhang Boli said that designated hospitals in Guangdong, Beijing, Tianjin and some designated hospitals in Wuhan all use a combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine to treat patients. The first two cases in Beijing that were discharged from the hospital and many patients in the designated hospital in Wuhan were all cured and discharged through integrated Chinese and Western medicine.

Zhang Boli said that Beijing’s first patient with pneumonitis infected by a new coronavirus has been treated at Ditan Hospital since January 13. Relevant Chinese medicine experts treated the patients with symptoms and signs. The patient’s body temperature returned to normal, symptoms gradually improved, and respiratory nucleic acid was negative for nucleic acid. He was discharged on January 24. Another confirmed patient returning from Hubei also recovered and was discharged on January 25 after being given symptomatic and Chinese medicine treatment. There are more similar cured cases in Wuhan.

“The use of traditional Chinese medicine decoctions for individualized treatment of light and medium-sized patients is more targeted. For severe patients, integrated Chinese and western medicine should also be adopted for treatment.” According to previous experience, traditional Chinese medicine is improving fever, vomiting, constipation, Controlling disease progression (such as stabilizing blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation), protecting target organs, and maintaining cardiopulmonary and renal function, all play a role.

“Of course, the treatment should be early, we must pay attention to observe the development of the disease, find out early, and use drugs to inhibit its worsening development.” Zhang Boli said that some of the experience of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of SARS can be used for reference. Pneumonia has also gained some valuable experience in the treatment of Chinese medicine, and it needs to be observed and summarized.

The Chinese medicine treatment plan of “New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Version 3)” divides the disease into four traditional Chinese medicine syndromes, such as dampness and depression of the lungs, scorching of the lungs with evil heat, closing the lungs with the evil poison, and internal and external release. Type, and recommended recipes for each type of syndrome. Zhang Boli believes that only by focusing on clinical observation and summing up the rules in time can we better guide the treatment.

“These four syndrome types were summed up by our TCM experts visiting the wards of Wuhan hospitals, including observing a small number of patients in other cities and observing more than a hundred patients. At present, the ‘four syndromes’ also reflect the severity of the disease And the main syndrome characteristics. However, if the virus mutates, there will be no new syndromes in the future, it is difficult to say at present. Moreover, due to the differences in the patient’s physical fitness and the presence or absence of underlying diseases, the disease will have different manifestations. .”He says.

Are there any proprietary Chinese medicines or components of traditional Chinese medicines that have been proven effective?

Zhang Boli said that the coronavirus discovered this time is a new type of coronavirus that has not been previously found in humans, and there are no specific drugs or vaccines. “Fortunately, the new coronavirus gene sequence has been determined, and vaccine development and drug screening are currently underway.”

The reporter learned that national ministries and agencies and related units are urgently developing vaccines and antibody drugs. The Ministry of Science and Technology and other relevant departments jointly carried out emergency scientific research on pneumonia epidemic of new-type coronavirus infection, and set up an expert group of scientific research on new-type coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic prevention and control working mechanism composed of Academician Zhong Nanshan as the team leader and 14 experts.

“We are actively screening and evaluating some Chinese patent medicines with antiviral effects, such as Lianhua Qingwen, antiviral oral solution, Jinhua Qinggan, Huoxiang Zhengqi, Reduning, Qingwen Baidu San, etc.” Zhang Boli introduced, the first The approved 8 emergency research projects have been launched on January 22, including clinical research of Chinese medicine and screening and evaluation of Chinese patent medicines and component Chinese medicines that have been listed.

He also said that Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has the State Key Laboratory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has nearly 60,000 traditional Chinese medicine components in stock. Currently, it is developing new effective Chinese medicine through active components with antiviral effects in the component library, but it is a proprietary medicine. May take longer.

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