Chinese fighter jets prepare to use dangerous laser weapons

BEIJING:  A recent news release from the Hong Kong newspaper “South China Morning Post” revealed that China has begun to equip modern fighter jets with laser weapons. In a dueling battle, the enemy will destroy the aircraft in the blink of an air.

Thus, these aircraft will not only be able to protect themselves, but also be able to guard unarmed military aircraft.

The report cites recent advertisements on a website operated by the Chinese Army (People’s Liberation Army), which sells locals (Chinese) selling laser and related control software installed on fighter jets. Tenders have been sought from the companies. The Pentagon also uses similar American websites to refer to “specific US companies” to purchase advanced technology.

It is estimated that these laser weapons will be installed on the latest Chinese-made fighter jets. Among the notable are the 15 Flying Sharks (which are being built by aircraft carrier), the J20 Mighty Dragon (the jet fighter jet) and the Xian Yi 20 Heavy Transport (support aircraft).

According to the American journal “Popular Mechanics,” low-power laser weapons will enable fighter jets to fly during enemy aircraft, as well as small missiles. However, if these laser weapons were more powerful, they would target enemy-fired ballistic missiles in the air.

The news has raised concerns in US defense circles, and like the Cold War era, the Pentagon is still pressing on its plans to make fighter jets better.

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