China’s Wuhan city where the Corona virus began to spread, riots broke out

BEIJING: In Wuhan, China, where the Corona virus spread, riots have now spread. Locked down in Wuhan in January after a Corona virus outbreak lasted two months, according to Mail Online. During this time, citizens were constantly living in homes. Now, two months after the lockdown was abolished, the citizens were still not allowed to leave the city, on which they became enraged and were getting into a clash with the police.

At one point, angry citizens overturned a police van. These citizens wanted to get out of Wuhan, but were stopped by police at the bridge, at which they were out of control. According to the report, Wuhan citizens are not allowed to leave the city, but the rest of China people are allowed to go to Wuhan and thousands of people are arriving in Wuhan by train. These citizens say they have been out of their homes after being locked up for two months, but are still being kept away from their loved ones living in other cities. I have arrived and over 6 million of its patients have been reported so far in the world and 27 thousand 674 have died.

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