China has Provided More than 1,700 Ventilators to Foreign Countries in Ten Days

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology introduced on March 30. According to incomplete statistics, in just ten days since March 19, while protecting domestic demand, China has urgently provided more than 1,700 invasive ventilators to foreign countries, reaching the domestic supply this year.

China’s ventilator companies have signed about 20,000 units at the same time. At the same time, there are still a large number of international intent orders being negotiated every day.

Ventilator Manufacturing  in China

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there are 21 invasive ventilator manufacturers in China, accounting for about one fifth of the global production capacity. These companies have been producing non-stop, overtime, and even some R & D personnel have been assigned to the production line. Unrealistic.

In short supply! Provided more than 1,700 units to foreign countries in ten days

At the press conference of the State Council Office on March 30, Xu Kemin, director of the Department of Industrial Policy and Regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that the ventilator is the most critical medical device for the treatment of patients with new coronary pneumonia. Since the outbreak, China’s major ventilator manufacturers resumed production as soon as possible. Among them, Shenzhen Mindray urgently called back the technical backbone of the fake home on the second day of the new year and went back to work to resume production.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized multi-industry industry and information departments to quickly achieve the resumption of production of 794 of its 853 national suppliers in the upstream of the epidemic prevention and control, and to help companies solve problems such as shortage of parts and components, and poor logistics and transportation.

China Supplied Respirators to the Countries

As of March 29, China’s major ventilator companies have supplied more than 27,000 respirators to the country, including more than 3,000 invasive ventilators. Although there was a tight situation in the process, overall, this effectively guaranteed the need for China’s epidemic prevention and control, especially to win the Hubei and Wuhan defense wars.

It is worth noting that recently, the epidemic has spread rapidly around the world, and foreign demand for medical equipment has increased dramatically, especially for invasive ventilators.

Xu Kemin said that at present, there are 21 invasive ventilator manufacturers in China, of which 8 major products (with a weekly production capacity of about 2,200 units) have obtained the EU mandatory CE certification, accounting for about one fifth of global production capacity. At present, about 20,000 units have been signed. At the same time, a large number of international orders are being negotiated every day.

“According to incomplete statistics, in just ten days since March 19, while protecting domestic demand, it has urgently provided more than 1,700 invasive ventilators abroad, which has reached half of the total domestic supply since this year. It can be said that Our companies have been working non-stop and working overtime for the global epidemic prevention and control. As far as I know, most companies are working in three shifts, producing continuously, and even some R & D personnel have been assigned to the production line. “

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Deploys Cooperative Expansion of Ventilator Industry Chain

Xu Kemin pointed out that a ventilator has thousands of parts, and the main parts suppliers are not only domestic, but also some abroad. Under the influence of the epidemic, it is not easy to increase production on a large scale, and it is unrealistic to meet all needs.

Domestic Invasive Ventilator Enterprises

In order to continue to provide timely assistance to the relevant countries within its capacity, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a video conference on the collaborative expansion of key medical equipment industry chains on March 29. It organized key domestic invasive ventilator enterprises, relevant local departments, and explored the problems faced by enterprises. Difficulties, research on coordinated production expansion measures in the industrial chain.

China’s invasive ventilator and Medical Equipment

He pointed out that with the joint efforts of all parties, China’s invasive ventilator and other key medical equipment production capacity will be further enhanced, making greater contributions to international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control.

It is reported that the ventilator is a device that can replace, control or change a person’s normal physiological breathing, increase lung ventilation, improve breathing function, and save heart reserve capacity. Generally can be divided into non-invasive and invasive two categories. General patients can use a non-invasive ventilator connected to the nose and mouth through a mask. If the therapeutic effect is still not achieved, an invasive ventilator needs to be used, which is inserted into the patient’s airway through the mouth or nasal cavity with a tracheal tube, or incubated through a tracheotomy to achieve the treatment effect.

China’s ventilator parts and components can be supplied independently, but key components such as turbines and sensors still rely heavily on imports. After the outbreak of overseas epidemics, logistics and supply chains were greatly affected.

With the development of overseas epidemics, the demand for ventilators has risen sharply, and overseas orders received by Chinese enterprises far exceed daily production capacity.

National Defense Production Law

At the same time, many countries around the world have also taken measures to accelerate the pace of ventilator production and research and development. Among them, the United States first used the power granted by the “National Defense Production Law” to sign a memorandum on March 27, asking automakers such as GM and Ford to produce ventilators as soon as possible in response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Fast Manufacturing of 30,000 Ventilators

The United Kingdom has proposed “fast manufacturing of 30,000 ventilators”, and many companies and academic institutions in the country have responded positively. The Consortium of British Ventilator Challenges, consisting of more than a dozen aviation, automotive and medical equipment companies including Airbus and Siemens, has submitted a plan to the government, intending to use the production and design capabilities of the companies in the consortium to achieve breathing Large-scale production increase.


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