China Government Released Corona virus Close Contact Detector App

The Chinese government has released a special app for its people. Which notifies users when they come in contact with the person infected with Coronavirus.

China has developed an app that allows people to check if they have come in contact with someone infected with the coronavirus. According to BBS, this app has been named ‘Close Contact Detector’.

This app notifies users when they come in contact with a virus-infected person or a person suspected of spreading the infection. After this, the person exposed to the virus will be advised to stay at home or inform the local health authority.  

To check, users have to scan a Quick Response (QR) code on their smartphone using an app like social media platform WeChat.

Once the new app is registered with the phone number, users will be asked to enter their name and ID number. Each registered phone number can be used to check status up to three ID numbers.

According to the official news agency Xinhua, the app has been developed jointly by government departments and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation and is supported by data from the Health and Transport Authority.

To understand the ‘close contact’, for example, in a flight, all three-row passengers and cabin staff near the infected person will be included in the close contact. At the same time, the remaining passengers will be recorded as general contacts.

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