China: Death toll from Corona-virus rises to 722, 34,000 Infected

The death toll due to the rapid spread of coronavirus in China has increased to 722, while the number of confirmed cases has also increased to 34,546. The Chinese administration gave this information on Saturday.

Chinese health officials said they have received confirmed 3,399 new cases of coronavirus infection and 86 deaths on Friday.

Corps, according to reports in Xinhua. Xinhua quoted the National Health Commission of China as saying that of these deaths, 81 died in Hubei Province, two in Heilongjiang, one each in Beijing, Henan and Gansu.

The commission said that 4,214 new suspected cases were reported on Friday. Also on Friday, 1,280 patients fell seriously ill and 510 people were discharged from hospital after recovering.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in China reached 34,546 by the end of Friday. The Commission said that a total of 722 people have died due to this disease.

The commission said that the condition of 6,101 patients remains critical and 27,657 people are suspected to be infected with the virus. A total of 2,050 people have been discharged from the hospital after recovery.

The Commission said that 3,45,498 people have been reported to be in close contact, 26,702 of them have been discharged from medical surveillance on Friday, while 1,89,660 others are still under medical surveillance.

As of late Friday, 26 cases were confirmed, including one death in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), while 10 in Macau SAR and 16 cases in Taiwan have been confirmed.

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