Can Sesame Oil Drip the Nostrils to Block the Transmission of new SARS Coronavirus?

The new coronavirus epidemic has affected people’s hearts, and many epidemic prevention reports have also spread on the Internet. One of the secret messages, which claims to “block all influenza and plague infections,” has spread widely on social platforms such as WeChat.

The source said that before going out every day, use a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of sesame oil, drip it into two nostrils, and pinch it a few times. This will block all flu and plague infections. In order to confirm the effectiveness of the secret recipe, the news also attached a screenshot of the ancient recipe for the epidemic prevention of sesame oil.

SARS Coronavirus is contagious and sometimes fatal respiratory illness. The Coronavirus Symptoms are similar respiratory infection, including runny nose, coughing, sore throat, and fever. Coronavirus infection types of viruses that typically affect the respiratory tract of mammals, including humans. Best Coronavirus Treatment is that take pain and fever medications but don’t give aspirin little kids, and other best treatment is that use a room humidifier or take a hot shower. if your room temperature very cold or very hot Coronavirus will kills in 48 hours these are the best treatment.

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Can sesame oil really resist flu and plague transmission?

On the evening of January 26, the first reaction of Wu Lifen, a physician in charge of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Beijing Huaxin Hospital (the first affiliated hospital of Tsinghua University), was “not reliable” and “no scientific basis” in a telephone interview with reporters from Science and Technology Daily.

Wu Lifen said that during the plague epidemic, ancient doctors did accumulate some self-protection methods.

This ancient recipe is from the “Internal and External Editing of Chuanya”, which was self-protected under the circumstances of the ancients. Now we cannot take the sentence out of context and say that this prescription can block all influenza and mild disease infections.

What is the Best Coronavirus Treatment

Sesame oil is the sesame oil often used in traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sesame oil is sweet, slightly cold, and non-toxic. Start with Yangming Large Intestine. It has the effects of moistening laxative, detoxification, and muscle growth. It is also suitable for the symptoms of dry and cracked skin, but it does not block the transmission of influenza, pneumonia and other related viruses, and cannot inactivate the virus. According to the current data, sesame oil has not helped the epidemic prevention.

SARS Coronavirus is contagious

On January 22, the National Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly issued the “Pneumonitis Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for New Coronavirus Infection (Third Edition)”, which pointed out the substance and method that can truly cure the new coronavirus-virus Sensitive to heat. Lipid solvents such as ether, 75% ethanol, chlorine-containing disinfectant, peracetic acid, and chloroform can effectively inactivate the virus for 30 minutes at 56 ° C. Chlorine has not been effective in inactivating the virus.

Coronavirus Symptoms are similar respiratory

In addition to ordinary people’s epidemic prevention measures, such as wearing reasonable masks, reasonable ventilation indoors, ensuring adequate sleep, and less crowded places such as public places, Wu Lifen also said that stress and anxiety should be reduced and that there should not be excessive fear of the epidemic. Chinese medicine believes that fear of injury to the kidney, horror will necessarily reduce resistance. The stress hormone cortisol is too high, it will also hurt the immune system. Many people under high pressure for a long time, the immune system easily collapse. Therefore, maintaining a good mood is a good way to improve your immunity.

Coronavirus infection types

“You can also eat some foods that improve immunity. In addition to the amino acids in meat and eggs, you can eat some peppers and drink green tea. The flavonoids in it are an antioxidant.” Wu Lifen said, you can also take more sun. Supplemented with vitamin D, sunlight can also increase the vitality of key immune cells, directly activate them, and improve immunity.

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“In short, do not trust the rumors on the Internet, and follow the official guidance information to effectively protect.” Wulifen said.

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