Can Corona Virus Influencers Re-Affect the Disease After Rehabilitation?

TOKYO: The number of Corona virus-infected people is increasing worldwide, with some of those patients having recurrent Corona virus recovered after recovery. British news agency BBC According to a report in C Urdu, a patient with a common cold like infection usually develops immunity for such diseases, so what is different about the Corona virus. A 70-year-old Corona patient in Japan. Which was isolated in February after Corona confirmed it was in this patient.

The Japanese news agency NHK says the man returned to his daily life after recovering, but a few days later he fell ill again and had a fever. He returned to the hospital and he and his physicians. It was shocking to know that he had been found to have the Corona virus again. This person is not the only patient in Japan but apparently the incidence of Corona virus recurrence after recovery in patients is not high, but a significant number must do so. Has happened. Violinist Louis Enhanos, from the National Center for Biotechnology in Spain, says that at least 14 percent of patients who received the Corona test had recovered after recovery. There are also viruses against which the vaccine is so Not effective, so we have to use them again and again. According to them, this is not a new infection but a virus withdrawal. I think with other possibilities it is also possible where common

There are some viruses that can stay in the body for three months or more. According to Louis Enhans, when a person is recovering after being infected with Zero Positive, it is assumed that the person has Oppositional immunity has been developed, but despite recovery, certain infection triggers remain in the tissue of the body that is not encountered by the body’s immune system.

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