British media reveals Amazon brush list: hire sailors to write praise for 15$

Technology News on December 25, according to British media reports, an investigation found that some inferior products on Amazon’s website are full of fake reviews, and marketing companies sell these reviews for 13 pounds. The survey noted that these companies used a group of “evaluates” to post four- and five-star reviews online.

The reviewers will receive a small payment and receive a refund for the product purchased. A German marketing company called AMZ Tigers claims to have 3,000 British testers.

“We help you get audited reviews from real people. We have more than 60,000 product reviewers in Europe dedicated to writing reviews quickly and reliably,” its website said.

An employee revealed: “Each review is 15 euros, but it is much cheaper if you buy it in packages.” If you don’t like these reviews, we can change the reviewer. This is neither completely illegal nor illegal, like walking in a gray area. ”

She also acknowledged that the company faces legal proceedings against e-commerce platforms. Amazon has deleted some reviews.

The employee said, “It always changes. What you do in the summer is not always the same as what you do in the winter.” She added that customers are increasingly getting four-star reviews: “If everything It ’s all five-star rave reviews, it ’s a bit suspicious, so mixing them up is great. ”

AMZTigers lists some packages on the website for customers to choose from. The price of 500 reviews is 5,000 Euros, which is equivalent to 10 Euros each. The customer pays AMZTigers for the items purchased by the reviewer and pays for each fake review. The tester must purchase the product by themselves, and will receive a product refund and a small commission after the work is completed.

The UK Competition and Markets Authority has stated that false reviews are illegal and that writing or commissioning others to write a review could lead to civil or criminal proceedings. It is estimated that £ 23 billion in spending each year is affected by online reviews.

Amazon says it has zero tolerance for any actions designed to mislead or manipulate consumer reviews. The company added: “We don’t allow any company to treat product reviews as a form of marketing.

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