British airline launches all its aircraft as employees announce good news

 Manchester:British airline Easy Jet grounded all its aircraft and sent employees home on a two-month vacation, but the company would be paid 80 per cent of the salaries by the British government so that they could pass it. 

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According to foreign media, cases of the Corona virus in the UK are on the rise, thousands of people, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, have been diagnosed with the deadly virus after which lockdown orders were issued across the country. Lockdown continues to halt the spread of the virus in Britain these days, meanwhile British airline EasyJet has grounded its 344 aircraft and sent employees on leave. The medical company says all employees have been paid by the government. 80% will be provided so that they can make their living. The company operated 650 special flights to 45,000 British passengers stranded in other countries. According to the translator, to protect the company from bankruptcy.

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