Blasted 340 million rockets, but savvy Musk actually “earned”

At 1 minute 36 seconds, 340 million yuan was burned. On the approach of the Spring Festival, Musk, the “Iron Man” across the Pacific Ocean, took the lead in setting off the most expensive fireworks show in history.

At 23:30 Beijing time on January 19th, the Falcon 9 rocket carrying the “Dragon” spacecraft was launched from NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. After 96 seconds, eight engines powered the spacecraft from the Falcon 9 at a speed of more than 400 miles per hour. Falcon 9 began to fall, exploding into a “50 million US dollars” fireball in the sky, and the space capsule carrying two dummy was perfectly dropped into the Atlantic Ocean and was recovered.

U.S. manned space flight has been dead for nine years

Using “self-exploding” methods to conduct manned safety tests, Musk once again made history. Behind this is the “manned spaceflight dream” that the United States has lost for many years.

Speaking of the US space industry, it is impressive that it can send Mars rover to Mars and travel for more than ten years; it can also send the New Horizons probe to distant Pluto, and realize the investigation of all planets in the solar system. But the embarrassment that has to be said is that since the shuttle retired in 2011, Americans have since lost the ability to rely on their own rockets and spacecraft to send people into space, and can only rely on the Russian Soyuz.

Although many people think that the technology for sending astronauts into space is mature, and that the space station is a typical international cooperation project, it is not uncommon to fly in another country’s spacecraft. But autonomously manned technology can not only have the right to choose a partner but also have the confidence to bargain during the negotiation of a spacecraft fare with Russia, which is very important to Americans-after all, a “ship ticket” of $ 81.7 million Nor is it a small number.

For more than a decade, NASA has withdrawn from low-orbit commercial space missions, focusing on long-term missions such as deep-space exploration. As a result, commercial manned space flight contracts were awarded to SpaceX and Boeing as early as 2014. Manned flights are planned for the end of 2017. But who knows, postponed for three years until now, they still need to buy tickets for the Soyuz spacecraft from the Russians.

In March 2019, the SpaceX DM-1 manned version of the Dragon spacecraft successfully docked with the International Space Station but was directly blown up by a loud noise on April 20. In December, the first test flight of another “old state-owned enterprise” Boeing’s manned spacecraft “Starcraft” also ended halfway through. This series of losses has delayed the U.S. dream of 2019 as the first year of commercial human spaceflight.

This time, the rocket launched by SpaceX was equipped with two test dummies, indicating that the company can safely escape astronauts in the event of rocket explosions and failed launches. At this point, SpaceX’s final step to achieve human spaceflight has been completed, and the next step will be to transport astronauts to the International Space Station, and this is what NASA has in mind.

SpaceX “Internet celebrity live broadcast again”

Musk’s rocket test is also an important attempt to improve the reliability of manned space technology.

Some people may ask, this can be achieved by increasing the reliability of components and adding simulation test links. Is it necessary to pay the price of a rocket? This is exactly the important path for SpaceX, a private company, to use the Internet to think about space. We see that in the development process of SpaceX, not all of them are successful, but the lessons learned from the failures and the iteration of realizing products and technologies are very similar to the development law of the Internet industry.

How to reduce costs as much as possible on the premise of ensuring security is actually a problem that commercial enterprises are particularly concerned about. 

Through limit tests such as rocket explosions, to verify the reliability of low-cost technology, it is proved that although various components are not “fully matched”, SpaceX’s manned space launch can ensure the safety of astronauts. This is active bombing One of the purposes of the rocket. It seems extravagant, but shrewd.

I have to say that this is another SpaceX live broadcast with cargo. In the past few years, Musk and SpaceX led by him have successfully attracted the attention of the world.

From the several explosions of the Falcon rocket in the recovery process to the successful implementation of four-handed rockets to launch sixty star-chain satellites, the rocket recovery and reuse technology that was originally considered impossible was basically mature; It was sent into an orbit around the sun to become an artificial planet. By the time it was proposed to launch 40,000 satellites to provide global WiFi communication-previously it was a satellite, but now Starlink plans to launch a series of satellites.

Among these dazzling fancy performances, it is already indistinguishable as to which is a technical experiment and which is commercial marketing. In any case, the result is a successful corporate image. SpaceX bombers let us foresee that it is not far from sending a batch of tourists into space.

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