Big questions raised on Rahul Dravid, Chief of National Cricket Academy

Big questions raised on Rahul Dravid, Chief of National Cricket Academy
Rahul Dravid is counted among the greatest players, has won many matches while in the team and is guiding the players even after retirement.

Despite all these things, Rahul Dravid is in question these days. For the information, let us know that currently the Chief of the National Cricket Academy is Rahul Dravid,

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In this academy located in Bangalore, the players of Team India have the responsibility of fitness. An unfit player regains his fitness in this academy.

But now questions are being raised on NCA regarding the fitness of players. Explain that the injury to the players coming fit from NCA is worsening and this has happened recently with fast bowler Ishant Sharma.

And the injury recovered during his New Zealand Test series. Now BCCI officials feel that Rahul Dravid should take responsibility on the issue of Ishant. The BCCI has questioned NCA somewhere about how his injury re-emerged after Ishant was declared fit.

Not only this, BCCI officials have also besieged the NCA for Jaspreet Bumrah not to undergo fitness test. It is believed that Team India is also being harmed due to lack of fit.

Let us know that the Indian team has been on a tour of New Zealand these days, where it also suffered under the Test and ODI series.

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