Baidu sets up a special fund of 300 million yuan for epidemic and public health security

Netease Science and Technology News January 26 news, today, Baidu announced the establishment of a 300 million yuan epidemic and public health security special fund to support the screening of new coronaviruses and other new diseases, a series of anti-epidemic work , And longer-term social public health safety information popularization and dissemination.

Baidu said that for a series of anti-epidemic work such as screening and research and development of curative drugs to support new diseases such as new coronavirus, Baidu will provide artificial intelligence technology support, supporting billion-level computing resources, and assist research institutions such as disease control agencies and research institutes Speed ​​up research and development. At the same time, Baidu will provide spatiotemporal big data and analysis technology to support timely detection, rapid response and scientific management of the epidemic.

At the same time, the outbreak and related events have been related to wildlife. Baidu will use its own information and knowledge platform responsibilities to link public health institutions from all walks of life with major media organizations to continue to actively publicize public health-related knowledge for the long-term, popularize knowledge on various public health emergencies, and improve public Health and food safety awareness and knowledge

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