Bad News to Xiaomi Redmi Lovers

Mr. Lu Weibing, Xiaomi’s vice president and general manager has confirmed that the Redmi K20 Pro will be discontinued in February 2020.

The Chinese company has not given the reason behind the termination of Redmi K20 Pro. But, this shows that the Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro launch is not far away.

Weibing also revealed through its Weibo post that Xiaomi has so far shipped more than 5 million Redmi K20 Pro units globally. However, the company’s flagship flagship phone will be discontinued in February.

Recall that the Redmi K20 Pro was launched in China in late May 2019. Xiaomi launched the Redmi K30 in December 2019, and the Pro version of the phone is expected to be launched soon.

At the moment, it is unknown whether the Redmi K20 Pro will be discontinued in other markets as well. A Xiaomi spokesperson has confirmed that the company will not discontinue the product in India and it will remain available in the Indian market.

Xiaomi has also mentioned that the Redmi K20 series is a premium phone series, due to which it will not be discontinued in India.

Also, if leaks and rumors are to be believed, Xiaomi may launch the Redmi K30 Pro in March. It is also set to launch its latest Mi 10 smartphone in China on 13 February.

In India, the company is likely to launch Xiaomi Redmi 9A phone and a power bank on February 11, which is due tomorrow.

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