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Assistant Manager Accounts Payable Job

Assistant Manager Accounts Payable required at Khushhali Microfinance Bank, Islamabad. An assistant manager Accounts payable play a crucial role in the financial management of an organization. They are in charge of overseeing the accounts payable processes, ensuring that suppliers are paid accurately and on time, and maintaining positive working relationships with suppliers. Their attention to detail and understanding of finances is crucial for maintaining the organization’s sustainability.

Assistant Manager Job Details

  • Job Location: Islamabad
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Job Sector: Government
  • Organization:  Khushhali Microfinance Bank
  • Department: Finance & Accounts
  • Job Timing: Day Shift
  • Qualification: M.Com./MBA/ACCA/ACMA
  • Experience: Professional Level 3 years two to three years of managing the bank’s accounts payable. knowledgeable in risk management, control procedures, and auditing and accounting principles from a multinational bank.
  • Last Date: 03-August-2023
  • Total Posts: 01

Assistant Manager Accounts Responsibilities

  • Candidate must be able to create processes for the efficient operation and management of the accounts payable function and establish and uphold an accounts payable policy.
  • Process payments that are eligible for payment in accordance with the FPPM policy and process.
  • On a monthly basis, balance payables and credits to suppliers to accurately record transactions.
  • Reorganize the payment chart of accounts according to functional responsibility to improve the fairness and accuracy of the financial statements.
  • Communicate, plan, and keep track of the monthly close
  • Account for and reconcile deposits and accumulations for CO, BTU, and Finance.
  • Combine employee loans and advances, and prepare combined deductions and refunds for payroll administration.
  • Settlement of claims, financing, and advances to employees.
  • Record the receipt of insurance claim settlements from borrowers, employees, and the bank.
  • Maintain accounting records and financial reporting for various projects.
  • Give final notice of an employee’s outstanding debts.
  • Maintain accounting records and financial reporting for various projects.
  • Provide guidance for the release of liens placed on vehicles and bicycles as well as employee debts for final settlement clearance.

Assistant Manager Accounts Payable Job


  • Must be able to work in a based technology environment, spreadsheet, and presentation software, and have analytical skills
  • At our Bank, we value talented diversity and are an equal opportunity employer. We don’t discriminate based on someone’s age, gender, relationship status, ethnicity, faith, or level of handicap. Therefore, we welcome and encourage all suitable applicants to apply for our open positions.

How To Apply

Candidates who want to apply for Assistant Manager Accounts Payable post. They can send their CV or Resume to Khushhali Microfinance Bank


What is an Assistant Manager Payable’s main duty?

An Assistant Manager Payable’s main duty is to supervise the accounts payable procedures and guarantee correct and on-time vendor payments.

What level of education is needed for this position?

An Assistant Manager Payable often needs a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or a closely connected subject.


If you have a passion for finance and accounting, becoming an Assistant Manager at Payable in Islamabad may be a great career decision. The position combines financial accountability with leadership potential, making it a desirable choice for people looking to advance their careers. Aspiring finance professionals may establish a prosperous career path in Islamabad with the correct credentials, abilities, and perseverance.


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