Are the new Mac Pros made in the US? Assembled in China sold in Europe

Apple Mac Pro is not all manufactured in the United States, and parts sent to Europe are assembled in China. Earlier, in the face of questions from the US media about the possibility of the Mac Pro being assembled in China, Apple has publicly stated that the Mac Pro will be assembled at the US plant. In fact, Mac Pro assembled in the US factory may only be shipped to the US market, while Mac Pro shipped to the European market is assembled in China.

According to French technology website Mac Generation, based on an early order, Mac Pros delivered in France on Monday local time show that these Mac Pros are obviously not manufactured in the same factory. Through the inspection of the product shell, you can see the words “designed by Apple in California and assembled in China”, which indicates that the product is manufactured in a non-US factory.

It’s possible that Apple sells its products in North America using the Texas factory, while its partners in China handle orders in other parts of the world. In June this year, it was reported that Apple had signed a contract with Quanta Computer to assemble products at a factory near Shanghai.

Previously, Mac Pros were all produced at Apple’s Texas plant, especially the previous-generation Mac Pro 2013.

Reports that Apple has shifted Mac Pro production to China have been denied by Apple. In November last year, President Trump visited Apple’s Texas factory. This visit is considered to be a tribute to President Trump for putting Apple’s manufacturing capacity in the United States. During Trump’s visit, Apple CEO Tim Cook touted the Mac Pro as “a model of American design, American manufacturing, and American originality.

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