Apple’s sales in China have soared recently

Reference News Network reported on January 11 that foreign media said that the latest data released on January 9 showed that Apple ’s iPhone sales in China surged more than 18% in December last year.

Reuters reported on January 9 that China is preparing for the Chinese New Year in late January, which is an important festival.

According to the report, according to data from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and Reuters calculations, in December last year, Apple iPhone sales in China were about 3.2 million units, higher than the 2.7 million units in the same period last year.

After experiencing peak sales in 2015, iPhone sales in China have stalled due to longer product upgrade cycles and competition from the same industry in China.

During this period, China’s Huawei’s mobile phone sales increased significantly.

According to the report, according to data from the United States International Data Corporation (IDC), Huawei’s mobile phones accounted for 42% of China’s new mobile phone shipments in the third quarter of 2019.

Throughout 2019, Apple introduced measures such as discounts and installments to boost iPhone sales in China.

According to the report, in the company’s most recent earnings call, the CEO of the company said that the above measures have been successful in attracting more Chinese consumers.

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