Apple’s Official Page Leaked? iPhone 12 May Cut Off Obscure Bangs

Beginning with iPhone X, Liu Hai’s full-screen design has run through three generations of iPhones. The iPhone XS series and iPhone 11 series are almost identical on the front. Although the Face ID of the iPhone is really easy to use, it is the instinctual reaction of consumers to like new and hate the old. When can we cut off the obscure bangs, it has become a big expectation for many people for the next iPhone. According to the latest news, the iPhone 12 to be released this year is likely to be as expected.

According to the latest pictures released by slashleaks, a foreign news website, it is suspected that information about the iPhone 12 appears on Apple’s official website. As shown below, there are two information points worth paying attention to. The first is the naming of the new generation iPhone. The previous generation is called iPhone 11. The new generation is called iPhone 12. It should be fine. The second is the phone graphics above the name. We can see that iPhone 11 and iPhone XR and other models are full-screen bangs Graphics, while the iPhone 12 is a full-screen design, the classic bangs style disappeared.

Apple's Official Page Leaked iPhone 12 May Cut Off Obscure Bangs

However, the authenticity of the above picture is unknown. Will Apple use a knife on the iPhone 12 for bangs? I think this is definitely Apple’s ultimate goal, but canceling the bangs means the disappearance of Face ID functionality unless Apple uses under-screen fingerprint technology or can place the camera and Face ID components on a very narrow border.

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