Apple’s best privacy features are included in Google’s Android 11

Google is rivaling some of the best-known privacy and security features of rival company Apple’s operating system in the new upcoming Android 11.

According to American Magazine Wired, on February 19, Google introduced the operating system Android 11 to the first board developers, but it will take time to reach the average consumer now.

According to the company, the new operating system is still in its early stages and was developed solely for developers to test their apps easily.

But according to information coming out about Android 11, it is adding new privacy and security features that are largely similar to the features of Apple iPhone.

This includes a feature called ‘scopadstorage’ that prevents unauthorized users of the app from accessing unnecessary data and cameras.

In addition, Google’s messaging system will work just like Facebook Messenger in the new system, and messages will appear on the screen like a bubble.

Google has tried to regain consumer confidence in security and privacy in this system and prevent unlimited access to apps’ location, microphones and cameras provided in previous operating systems.

In the new system, apps will only be able to receive user data as long as the user is using the app, and the user will be asked for permission the next time the app is opened.

In addition, Google has taken steps to secure the data of various ID cards such as passports, driver’s licenses, etc. through the new system.

The operating system will be available to consumers by the end of this year, and it is expected that Google will add more important and major features to it right now.

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