Apple Win the Crown of more Smartphone Sales than Samsung

Apple, the American company that made mobile phones, surpassed Korean company Samsung in most smartphone sales

According to a report by International Corporation data, Apple’s fourth quarter saw sales of approximately 7.3 million iPhones.

Best-selling smartphones include Apple’s recently-popular new iPhone 11, the most popular in the US and Europe.┬áIn addition, Apple’s phones were sold in other countries of the world.

Strategy analyst Niall Mauston conducted a survey that found that the biggest reason for Apple’s mobile sales was the low price of the iPhone11, which is in high demand in Asia and the United States.

According to market trackers, Samsung, the largest smartphone sales company, reported sales of 6.64 million last year, while China’s famous smartphone company Huawei had sales of 5.62 million.

Things are becoming increasingly difficult for Huawei, first US sanctions have caused Huawei’s loss, and now the influenza Corona virus in China has exacerbated Huawei’s problems.

Samsung has been at the top of smartphone sales for the entire year, and the market was hoping that 5G telecom network would further consolidate Samsung’s new smartphones, but Samsung’s sales in the Fourth Quarter Apple has become the biggest smartphone sales company due to a steady decline

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