Apple Watch ECG troubles medical professor sues Apple over patent infringement

Apple has added ECG ECG detection function to Apple Watch 4, which can help users search for abnormal heart rate of AF and save many Apple users’ lives.

However, according to foreign media reports, a doctor from the New York University School of Medicine has filed a lawsuit in the court, saying that Apple has infringed on one of his patents and refused “sincere negotiations to avoid litigation . 

He said that he owns a patent that “monitors irregular pulse rhythms from a series of time intervals,” and has begun negotiations with Apple on the patent as early as September 2017.

In addition, the medical community has also questioned whether the ECG function of the Apple Watch is really effective. Some researchers have conducted a 4-month study on 420,000 Apple Watch wearers. In a period of 4 months, there were 2161 wearers. Being warned of irregular heart rhythms, these 2,000 people were interviewed remotely. However, only 20% (450) of these 2,000 people were suspected of having problems at the time of remote consultation, and only 34% (153) of them were diagnosed with atrial fibrillation.

In this regard, the researchers pointed out that the study was not to prove the failure of the Apple Watch, but to show that the Apple Watch caused excessive medical treatment, and some users who had no problems went to the hospital for examination.

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