Apple Temporary Closed his Stores in China

Netease Technology News on February 1st, Apple announced on China’s official website that, based on recent public health and prevention considerations. All official retail stores will be temporarily closed from now until 24:00 on February 9th.

Previously, according to the CENT website reported on the 29th, due to concerns about the spread of the new crown virus, Apple Corp. announced that it would temporarily close two Store direct-operated retail stores in China.

The two directly-operated stores that closed were located in Fuzhou and Nanjing The mall where the store is located has also been temporarily closed. As of the 29th, the total number of closed stores has reached three.

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Apple CEO Cook said on Apple’s quarterly earnings call that in addition to` announced closures of its direct-operated stores.

Many partner retailers have also closed stores, and “many stores that are still open have also shortened business hours.

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He also said that they are taking additional precautions for employees and customers.

This time, Apple announced that it had closed all official retail stores

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