Apple Music beats Spotify | Which is Better for music Streaming?

Apple Music beats Spotify and wrapped in 2019. the millions of users of Spotify and millions of users of apple music but there are questions that come into the mind Which is better Spotify or apple music platforms is best for us? so We’ve compared the two Music streaming platforms to help you decide which one is best Spotify or apple music? but in this article, we will discussed apple music vs Spotify and explain to you which platform have good features. how many Spotify vs apple music users active and how many grow in the world. according to the estimate as of June 2019, Apple Music had above 60 million subscribers in the world and this music service introduced apple to comply with the word in 2015. if we compared with Spotify now Spotify growing above 113 million subscribers and with paid users base growing 35% over the year. but if

Apple Music beats Spotify

Spotify finally launched on American shores in the summer of 2011, the way we think about music changes forever. The industry had been during the hell and back of the industry after the rise of music piracy and Napster at the beginning of the century and with the use of Limewire and torrents in 2000. However, for a moment, it seems that digital stores such as iTunes had resurrected the music scene, allowing songs to be purchased for $ 99 (and later $ for the most popular songs) through Apple’s storefront Increased to 1.29). Music streaming did not begin until 2011, despite streaming giants such as Pandora, an Internet radio service, and Rhapsody, which served as an example of Spotify’s business in many ways. Suddenly, it made no sense to buy a digital single for the same monthly fee as the cost of an album, You could listen to practically every song in the world, allowing you to create and curate yourself libraries, playlists, and more. The addition of a mobile app on both iOS and Android made it easy to play your music.

Apple Music vs Spotify Price

Both Spotify and Apple Music use the same pricing differences across platforms, signing up for more choice between price, design, features, and library exclusives than price. Both Spotify’s premium plans and Apple Music subscriptions run at $ 9.99 a month, making it the most other standard subscription platforms, including Google Play Music and Pandora. Both of these platforms also include a student plan for anyone with a college email, with the ability to reach a low $ 4.99 / month price for up to four years while you study. Finally, each of these also includes family plans that allow six users to use different platforms under one bill, which leads to some big savings depending on the size of your family or friend group splitting the bill. No matter which platform you choose, family plans from Spotify and Apple Music offer their libraries to each individual user, so you and your parents don’t have to share the same taste in music style.


Apple Music allows subscriptions to be gifted via online gift cards, and buying a 12-month subscription gift saves you $ 20 in the long run during the $ 9.99 / month plan. Spotify gift cards are available in stores, although there doesn’t seem to be any real savings from their gift subscriptions.

The difference between Spotify and Apple Music

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Apple music


Until a few years, Apple Music Taylor Swift access the catalogs of the place, which had been completely removed was limited to other services like Google Play Music and Spotify. Swift added its music back to the first Spotify (and added to all other services in 1989 ), ending one of Apple Music’s major exclusive deals with one of the game’s biggest pop stars did. But Apple has been about time-specification since its launch two years ago: Frank Ocean’s long-awaited blonde premiere as an Apple Music exclusive, where it stayed until September, about a month after release, When it expanded to other platforms.



By far, Spotify’s best feature is the inclusion of social features and music search. Spotify allows you to sync your Facebook account to allow social sharing between your friends and family members. People who have friended you on Facebook can see what you are listening to within the app, allowing you to easily share playlists, albums, song selections and more. Spotify doesn’t require you to use these social features — you can easily turn them off within settings, and you don’t have to sign in with your Facebook account — but there is a large part of the community and social inclusion in the millions. Spotify makes users’ music player choices.

Which is Better Spotify or Apple Music

Here’s the major downside to Spotify: While the desktop version of Spotify supports “friend feeds”. it’s an easy way to see what your friends are doing on the service, mobile apps – arguably more of Spotify. You cannot easily access the service that your friends are doing on the service, essentially presenting the activity feed as something you can only see on your desktop computer. Now, because you can view your friend’s list from within the Spotify app, it is possible to simply open your friend’s list, tap on the name of the friend whose music and activity you want to see, and then check your account from there. Unfortunately, All of this will make it easy to see the last three albums played with a list of public playlists (which you can view from within the mobile app). It is unfortunate that Spotify still has this limitation, especially since apps like RDO did social integration mobile years ago, even before Spotify became a mega-giant music service.


If Spotify’s design is dark and understated, Apple’s color scheme and design for Apple Music is bright and saturated, with most menus and displays to highlight menus, icons, and buttons, and plenty for the pastel-red White color scheme to the extent included. The app is unintentionally Apple design for better and worse, and although the app can be a little difficult to navigate. The app is included by default on all i Phones and other iOS devices, although accessing it on Android means downloading from the Play Store. As standard for most apps on iOS, the app’s design varies slightly between platforms, with a sliding menu icon on Android instead of the bottom navigation bar. The difference between the two apps is largely cosmetic, with the goal of making each user feel at home on their platform of choice.

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