Apple issues 25 million Euro fine on France for slowing down older models

China News Network, February 7th. According to the Russian satellite network report, the French government recently issued a 25 million euro ticket to Apple because the company did not inform users of the IOS system update, which may cause the iPhone 6, SE and 7 to slow down.

According to reports, French investigators launched an investigation of Apple on January 5, 2018, because the latter did not inform users that the updated system released in 2017 made their phones run slower, especially iPhones with old batteries Mobile phone.

It is reported that because the original system version cannot be returned, many users have to replace the battery or buy a new phone.

The spokesman’s website said: “According to the findings of the French General Administration of Competition, Consumer and Anti-Fraud and the agreement reached with the Paris prosecutors, Apple agreed to pay a fine of 25 million euros.”

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