Apple iPhone XR Production Stalled Outbreak in India April 2020

Apple iPhone XR: IT House March 30th News The iPhone XR produced by Apple supplier Foxconn’s factory in Chennai, India is expected to be stopped or at least severely restricted. Given the current outbreak of the new coronavirus, local areas in Tamil Nadu, India, must adhere to the country’s blockade procedures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Why Apple iPhone XR Production stopped in India

Starting at 18:00 local time last Tuesday, the Indian government has invoked Article 144 of its Criminal Code and applied it to all public gatherings. Article 144 prohibits the assembly of four or more persons in one place, and during the blockade, India’s Epidemics Act of 1897 also limited the number of assemblies to similar numbers.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered a nationwide blockade at midnight on Tuesday, which will continue until at least March 31.

Chennai company commissioner G Prakash told the Times of India: “Since this is a very urgent outbreak, we have taken strict measures. A joint team of 30 companies and police will conduct inspections to check who violated this rule.”

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After several weeks of trial operation, Foxconn has been producing the iPhone XR in India since October 2019, but it is believed that Foxconn also plans to produce the iPhone 11 in Chennai, India. According to reports, the iPhone XR currently dominates global smartphone sales, with 46.3 million units sold worldwide last year.

IT House previously reported that in January this year, a dispute between Foxconn and Apple reported that the manufacturer cancelled its $ 5 billion investment in India. Foxconn denied this.

Sources said that Apple plans to open an Apple Store in Mumbai’s Maker Maxity shopping mall, but Apple has not officially opened an Apple retail store in India.

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