Apple Completes the Update of US Map Data

Apple has announced that it has restructured its map app data in the United States and is now available to all users in the United States.

Apple had announced a map update to follow the iOS 13 release. In addition to driving around the United States with a camera-equipped car. He also collected detailed data using aerial photography from airplanes. 

Roads, buildings, parks, airports, and more are now displayed in more detail. We were planning to release data for the United States during 2019, but it was completed slightly later.

In addition, look around like Google’s Street View is still limited to use in some cities, and it seems that the corresponding area is not expanding.

According to the Apple, restructuring of the map will be rolled out across Europe in the coming months. It will be released worldwide.

Before the release of iOS 13, it was said that the United States was scheduled for an update in Japan following the Olympics, but no mention of the release in Japan at the moment.

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Availability on Find My

Apple is reportedly planning a genuine forgotten tag (AirTag), and detailed map data should be available on Find My.

The data inside the building seems to be more detailed, so if you lose something at a shopping mall now it may be easier to find.

Source: Apple News

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