Apple CEO Tim Cook Donates to Relief Victim of New Coronavirus in China

Brendan McDermid / Reuters The new coronavirus in Wuhan, China, is rampant, with a total of 84 deaths and more than 2,700 people infected in mainland China on 27th.

In response, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook in a tweet celebrating Chinese New Year (Chinese New Year), proclaiming that the company will make a donation to save all the victims.

The outbreak of the new coronavirus in Wuhan was confirmed around December, and an order to close the seafood / animal market, which was considered to be the starting point on this month, was issued, but 41 people were infected on the 11th. Increase until. It was limited to those who were deeply involved in the market at the time, but it has also spread to southern Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and the infection is reportedly spread to all parts of the country except Tibet.

Apple often offers donations when a natural or catastrophic event occurs. Recently, Cook paid tribute to the sympathy for victims and brave volunteers to combat unprecedented fires in a massive Australian wildfire, combined with the worst drought ever and record heat waves. Tweet that you donate.

Our hearts are with those impacted by the Australian bush fires and with the courageous volunteer force fighting the unprecedented blazes across the country—please stay safe. Apple will be donating to support relief efforts.
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