Apple 2020 new machine development completed: minimum of less than 3,000 yuan

However, this year, Apple will definitely release iPhones that support 5G networks, because, with the improvement of 5G technology, a wave of 5G mobile phone replacements may erupt this year.

According to the latest foreign media reports, Apple has basically completed the iPhone lineup this year.

Among its new models, it will cover the price range of US $ 399 to the US $ 1,149, especially for 5G mobile phones. The starting price may be very close to the people, and its purpose is to further occupy the market.

It is mentioned in the latest news that Apple will release 5 new machines this year instead of the rumored 6 models.

In addition to the upgraded version of the iPhone SE (expected to be named the iPhone 9), the remaining new phones support 5G networks, which also highlights Apple’s determination to have a role in the 5G mobile phone market.

The reason why Apple adopted a “machine-sea tactic” different from the past in this year is mainly to cater to this year’s “changing wave of machines” and to grab market share with Android phone manufacturers.

In addition, with the transformation of Apple’s Internet services, the increase in the number of iOS users will also greatly increase the company’s Internet revenue.

Therefore, in order to expand market share, Apple is in urgent need of aggressive action.

Specifically, the specific situation of several new iPhones this year:

iPhone 12, 12 Plus:

5.4-inch, 6.1-inch OLED screen, with Face ID and dual rear cameras, equipped with A14 processor, priced at $ 649-749 (about RMB 4,520-5,215);

iPhone 12 Pro, Pro Max:

6.1-inch, 6.7-inch OELD screen, full screen, redesigned bangs, three rear cameras (to lens added), priced at 1049-1149 US dollars (about 7300 yuan-8000 yuan);

Although Apple released a number of new models this year, they will not discontinue the iPhone 11, because they hope that this model will attract more low-cost users.

According to the latest report from Wall Street Nomura, Apple will order 75 to 85 million 5G iPhone 12 phones in the second half of 2020.

At the same time as the new iPhone adds support for 5G, iPhone 12 sales will once again increase.

According to data provided by investment bank JP Morgan last year, Apple is expected to ship approximately 207 million iPhones in fiscal 2021 (the year of iPhone 12)

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