Another Good News for Google Users

Another good news for Google users has been announced by Google Company. According to the details, the Google company has stated that it will soon be possible to download files from secure pages.

Google Company has announced

that it will ensure that secure files are downloaded from secure pages only, while downloads from mixed content files or non-HTTP pages will be blocked.

Google said that the purpose of this is to make it possible to download malware-protected content. Doing so will ensure the safety of the consumer, according to the Google company.

Note that this update will be introduced in Google Chrome 81 and first users will be informed about mix content and then about its blocking.

But in October this year, all the mix content will be downloaded in the Chrome 86 version, this update will be introduced later on mobile platforms.

It should be noted that unsafe downloads are harmful to privacy and security, and that anyone can see, support for unsafe downloads will also be terminated.

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