Android For YouTube Limits India’s Largest Video Stream Quality to 480p

IT House March 30, according to news reports XDA, Android version of YouTube in some parts of India, can only play the video in the highest resolution of 480p, while the Web version is not restricted.

Because of the epidemic, residents in many places around the world are required to stay at home, and the lack of infrastructure such as network resources around the world was also exposed during this time. Previously, IT House reported that Netflix, Apple TV +, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, etc. , Both announced to reduce the video bit rate in Europe to control Internet traffic during the epidemic, and YouTube has also changed the default video definition to standard definition worldwide.

And the operation of YouTube in India really has some impact on the experience. In Mumbai, New Delhi and other regions, YouTube version of Android can only play videos with a resolution of up to 480p, and it has nothing to do with the network status, whether it is mobile network or Wi-Fi. And users who have subscribed to YouTube Premium have not been spared. The maximum resolution that can be selected on the Android side is only 480p.

At the same time, the web page is not affected, and the sharpness can be manually adjusted to the highest. Foreign media believe that YouTube’s 480p limit is too harsh, 480p does not guarantee a basic viewing experience, and relaxing the limit to 720p is a more appropriate choice.

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