An alarming increase in the number of deaths due to corona virus in the world

New York: The death toll from the Corona virus has increased alarmingly in the world.

According to data released by the World Meter, the number of deaths due to the corona virus is increasing rapidly worldwide. The total number of Corona virus cases has crossed 5 lakh digits worldwide and now the number of patients has reached 5,59,143, while till now the Corona epidemic has swallowed up to 25,278 human lives.

Worldwide, there are a total of 288,778 people suffering from coronas. If the ratio of people to fatalities is calculated, then the proportion of those who are healthy has increased by 84 percent and the death rate by 16 percent. There are 21,888 patients (ie 5% of the population) worldwide who are admitted to hospitals in critical condition.

Italy has the highest number of deaths due to Corona in the world, where the epidemic has swept the lamps of 8,215 human lives. In Spain, the outbreak has killed 4,858 people, while in China, 3,292 people have been victims. In Iran, 2,378 people have lost their lives through the outbreak, while in France, 1,696 people have died due to Corona.

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