AMD: Ryzen will continue to add cores as long as the software can keep up

In recent years, AMD processors have continued to engage in “nuclear war”, with 64 cores on the server, desktop fever levels will soon be available, and even 16 cores in the mainstream market, and AMD is not satisfied and does not intend to stop. In an interview, AMD CTO Mark Paper master said in his opinion that there is no ceiling for the number of processor cores in the mainstream market because the software is rapidly keeping up and can take full advantage of multi-core, multi-threading So in the short term, AMD will not be satisfied.

He also acknowledged that increasing the number of cores must be careful to avoid waste, and software cooperation must be done. This is a balance and will continue.

Paper master said that the Infinity Fabric high-speed interconnect bus will continue to evolve to meet the requirements of higher bandwidth technology standards, such as DDR5 and PCIe 5.0.

From the current trend, AMD is expected to launch DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 in 2021-2022. In addition, Paper master has denied four-thread technology.

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