AMD: Never dreamed of being ahead of Intel

AMD and Intel have intensified, both sides have made important speeches in the past several meetings. Foreign media said that AMD processors are ahead of Intel in technology, which is the first time in 30 years for the x86 industry.

Recently AMD’s stock price is $ 42, which is very close to the historical high of $ 47.5 before the Internet bubble burst in June 2000. There is no doubt that AMD has restored its original glory to some extent. Here is a transcript of AMD’s presentation at Barclays:

… In some low-threaded or single-threaded applications, we had some shortcomings. With the “Rome” processor, we not only doubled or even doubled the throughput. The number of cores per socket was twice that of the previous generation, and even more so compared to Intel’s contemporary products. More than doubled.

… This is the first time in the semiconductor industry that we have to break the “natural law” of the past 30 years in the semiconductor industry, that is, Intel has a more advanced process technology. Four years ago, we were excited because we thought we would be close to Intel, and we didn’t dream that we would be ahead.

-Forrest Norrod, Senior Vice President, AMD Data Center Group

WCCFTech reports that in a conversation, Forrest Norrod frankly acknowledged that the previous-generation AMD Zen had some flaws in terms of single-threaded performance, and the latest-generation AMD had completely solved the problem. Not long ago, Intel’s CEO also discussed the issue of 10nm very frankly. The two companies have made these boring financial meetings quite interesting and refreshing.

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