Amazon shares soar in after-hours Bezos net worth rises $ 13.2 billion in 15 minutes

Netease Technology News on January 31, according to foreign media reports, Amazon announced the fourth quarter of 2019 financial results on local time on Thursday, exceeding the expected results, driving the company’s stock price soaring, which also made CEO Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) ‘s wealth increased by $ 13.2 billion in just fifteen minutes.

Bezos is already the richest person in the world, but on Thursday his wealth increased by $ 13.2 billion in about 15 minutes. At current Amazon stock prices, Bezos’s net worth is approximately $ 129.5 billion.

Bezos, 56, owns about 12% of Amazon’s outstanding shares and is the main source of personal wealth. In addition, Bezos’s Blue Origin shares are worth approximately $ 6.2 billion. The surge late Thursday added Amazon’s market value by more than $ 90 billion, more than $ 1 trillion.

His ex-wife, MacKenzie Bezos, 49, also has reason to celebrate, as she owns about 4% of Amazon. On that day, it has ranked 24th among the world’s richest with personal assets of US $ 37.1 billion.

In addition, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg’s net worth shrank by $ 4 billion on Thursday as the company’s stock price plummeted

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