Amazon once again allows sellers to use FedEx for good service

Netease Technology News on January 15, according to foreign media reports, Amazon has announced that it has lifted the ban on FedEx express delivery services, allowing third-party sellers on the Marketplace to use their services to deliver packages again.

A notice from Amazon shows that starting at 5 pm EST on January 14, Marketplace sellers will be able to use FedEx service, which may be cheaper than Amazon’s own delivery platform and United Parcel (UPS) delivery.

In December 2019, Amazon announced a ban on FedEx due to poor service quality. But the ban has caused many sellers to worry because they rely more on FedEx to provide cheaper delivery services.

Amazon responded by saying that the ban is only temporary, but the company requires sellers to either use the services of United Parcel or other courier companies or use FedEx services at their own expense. Alternatively, Marketplace sellers can remove the Prime label from their products and offer FedEx service as an optional paid shipping method.

Amazon said the company is now satisfied with the performance of FedEx’s express service, so it lifted the ban. In June last year, FedEx first refused to renew its air transportation contract with Amazon, and then terminated the ground transportation contract two months later. Since then, Amazon and FedEx no longer cooperate.

Over the past 10 years, Amazon has spent billions of dollars building its own delivery infrastructure to ultimately reduce the costs of relying on third-party companies. Last quarter, Amazon spent $ 9.6 billion on logistics, partly to expand the same-day Prime delivery service. At present, the total number of packages delivered by Amazon in the United States is close to FedEx and United Parcel, and it is expected to exceed them soon

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