Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Renders threat the Chinese military

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon,

the world’s highest market value, shouted to US military leaders at the Reagan Defense Forum on December 7, hoping to strengthen business cooperation between technology companies and the military.

In order to be justified, he chose to render China ’s scientific and technological progress “a new threat to US military hegemony”, arguing that the technological competition between the two countries “is not a sports game, you do n’t want fair competition,” and the US must “do more.

On November 22, Amazon just sued the Pentagon over the company being kicked out of a U.S. military contract bid. Bezos did not mention the matter, but instead shouted that the large companies “cannot ignore the Ministry of Defense, otherwise the country will have trouble.”

Jeff Bezos, founder, and CEO of Amazon

Bezos attended the Reagan Annual Defense Forum in California on December 7th, attended by senior US military and defense contractors.

He warned: China ’s technological advancement in important areas poses a new threat to US military hegemony and will shake the US military ’s decades of technological superiority.

“Are you really planning to fight an equally powerful opponent in the future? This is not a sports game and you don’t want a fair competition.”

For example, Bezos said that the United States once had an advantage in space, but “the situation is changing rapidly and I am nervous now.” He described the US opponents as “very good at innovation,” so the United States “must do more,” suggesting that the military and technology companies should strengthen cooperation.

Amazon invests $ 1 billion a year to build the private airline Blue Origin. Last October, the company signed a $ 2.3 billion rocket launch order with the US Air Force.

China successfully launched Jilin 1 high score 02B satellite with Clipper 1A


However, technology companies such as Google and Microsoft have voiced opposition to accepting military contracts. Bezos said at the time that he would strengthen cooperation with defense agencies even if employees were disgusted.

As thousands of employees protested, Google decided not to renew a military contract in March to use artificial intelligence to identify images for drones.

Bezos seemed to deliberately beat Google in his speech,

he saying that big companies “cannot ignore the Department of Defense, or the country will have trouble”.

“I understand that people are emotional, but there are still facts in this world. We (the United States) are good people, and I really believe.”

In addition to space, Amazon’s cloud service computer vision platform Rekognition also began to be used by police departments, immigration, and customs enforcement agencies across the United States for face recognition in 2017.

However, the system made a joke that identified 28 members of parliament as “fugitives”, and search results were also accused of racial and gender discrimination.

On October 25 this year, Amazon’s cloud computing system AWS was kicked out of a $ 10 billion “Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure” (JEDI) contract bid by the Department of Defense.

There have been reports that Trump forcibly interfered with the bidding results because of his dissatisfaction with Bezos and its Washington Post. On November 22, Amazon sued the Pentagon for “obvious flaws, errors, and obvious biases” in the bidding process.

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