Amazon exits MWC Conference after LG Ericsson NVIDIA

Amazon exits MWC: Netease Technology News on February 10, according to foreign media reports, due to the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, Amazon announced that it will withdraw from the 2020 World Mobile Communications Conference (Amazon exits MWC) in Barcelona on February 24. This is a huge blow to the telecommunications industry. MWC can attract more than 100,000 tourists every year.

Amazon issued a statement saying: “Due to the outbreak and continuing concerns about the new coronavirus threat Amazon will no longer participate in the 2020 Mobile World Congress.”

Amazon had originally planned to attend the meeting through its cloud computing division, AWS Demonstrating its new products and services on a large scale. The department plans to hold a full-day demonstration on the first day of the event.

Amazon is the fourth company to withdraw from Mobile World Congress 2020 after LG Electronics in South Korea, Ericsson, a Swedish equipment maker, and Nvidia, a US chipmaker. Must Read: Samsung is Reconsidering Whether to Participate in the MWC 2020 Show

GSMA Telecommunications Industry Association

After Amazon announced its withdrawal, the GSMA Telecommunications Industry Association, which runs the conference, said in a statement that the activities from February 24 to 27 will be carried out as planned, and they will strengthen health precautions to prevent coronavirus infection. GSMA also said that tourists from Hubei Province, China will not be allowed to participate, and visitors from China must prove that they have been abroad for two weeks before the event. Must Read: China: Death toll from Corona-virus rises to 722, 34,000 Infected

About 5,000 to 6,000 visitors from China participate in this world’s top telecommunications industry event, and companies often spend millions of dollars on booths and hospitality to attract enough orders.

Amazon exits MW Conference:

Both Huawei and ZTE have stated that they will attend the conference and require employees to self-isolate before the event to ensure that they are not at risk of infection, and call for European employees to help.

Due to travel restrictions and concerns about the spread of the virus, more than two dozen large domestic and foreign trade fairs and industry conferences have been postponed or downsized, which could disrupt billion-dollar transactions.

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