Amazon Cloud Services CEO: Alibaba Cloud’s influence in the European and American markets is still small

Technology News on December 27, according to foreign media reports, Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of cloud computing provider Amazon Cloud Services (AWS), said in an interview a few days ago that Alibaba is expected to be in the field of cloud computing Catching up with Amazon, but its business is currently limited to the Chinese market. To this end, Amazon plans to continue its efforts in areas such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing to widen the gap with competitors.

Picture: In an interview, Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of Amazon Cloud Services, mentioned that Alibaba is making strides in the Chinese cloud service market, but said that it currently has a small share in the US and European markets.

AWS was founded in 2006. According to the latest financial report released by Amazon, AWS’s annual revenue is about $ 36 billion, a year-on-year increase of between 30% and 39%.

“We were optimistic that it would grow into a real business, but no one thought it would grow so fast,” said Iasi, who has been leading the unit since AWS was founded.

In the past 10 years, enterprises have begun to gradually migrate from internal information systems to cloud services. Iasi said that cloud services still have huge growth potential because “we are in the early stages of adopting cloud services in enterprises and the public sector” and that “the United States may be 12 to 36 months ahead of other countries, depending on the industry and country”.

According to data from the US market research company Synergy Research Group, last quarter, AWS occupied nearly 40% of the public “infrastructure as a service” and “platform as a service” markets. Microsoft, Google and Alibaba are far behind, but these three companies are closing the gap.

Microsoft beats AWS to win a $ 10 billion cloud service contract from the US Department of Defense. AWS has filed a lawsuit against the US government over the successful bid. In an interview, Iasi praised AWS for its advantages. “Most of our customers have looked at comparable technology infrastructure platforms in detail and they think we are two years ahead of any company,” he said.

Isaiah said: “I want to say that when customers consider which service to use in the Chinese market, our main focus is on Alibaba, which is where we can most notice them.” “I don’t think they are now in the United States Or the European market has a lot of influence. “

When asked about information technology in the next 10 years, he said, “I think relatively few companies will have their own data centers.”

In areas of concern, Iasi mentioned artificial intelligence and edge computing, the latter of which is a technology capable of processing data near customers.

Regarding artificial intelligence, Iasi said, “Almost all applications will somehow integrate into machine learning and artificial intelligence.”

In terms of edge computing, he said: “I think if you focus on this area, you will find that there will be dozens of our homes, offices, factories, cars, airplanes, ships, oil fields, farmland 100 million devices. Companies and end consumers want to get all the data these devices are using and get smarter information from it. “

AWS announced a cloud-based quantum computing service in early December. “We have invested in the field of quantum computing,” Iasi said in an interview. “We believe that it may take several years for quantum computing to be widely used, but we are optimistic about its development potential.”

Speaking of information technology in the next decade, Iasi said, “It’s hard to say what will happen in the next ten years, because so much has changed in the past ten years. But I think when we look ahead ten years, it feels more than More changes have occurred in the past decade. “

Under the global scrutiny of issues such as user privacy and tax avoidance, whether technology giants such as Amazon have taken the lead is still a question. Some lawmakers, including the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, are calling for the separation of large tech companies.

Isaiah said: “If the government’s decision is supported by law, everyone must comply.” “I think you also have to take into account that each company is different. Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon each other Very different. “

“As far as I know, Amazon’s retail business accounts for only 1% of global retail business.” “Our overall market share is very small.” At AWS, “97% of global information technology spending is still local, Only 3% are in cloud service providers. Then we only have a part of the cloud service market. “

Iasi pointed out that customers are relying on new products and services, “so I don’t think it’s necessary to try to split these companies.

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