Allama Nasir Madani’s “software” was also updated, new video was released

Allama Nasir Madani's "software" was also updated, new video was released

Lahore: Leading scholar Allama Nasir Madani has also been supportive of the precautionary measures against the spread of the Corona virus and has also released a new video in which he has all but gone through this difficult time. Appealed to the companies to cooperate.

According to details Corona virus outbreaks have engulfed the entire world and many countries, including Pakistan, have a lockdown situation. A video of Al Nasir Madani went viral on the media in which he did not appear to support government action against Corona virus and precautionary measures to protect Corona. Allama Nasir Madani said “Corona virus is nothing, they say that the Corona virus has spread, it’s done, don’t gather a place. Had the Muslim been afraid of death, Tipu Sultan would not have been. Not so many people died of dengue, who died of cancer? Policemen stand on noses, eat dust, half have cancer and half have hepatitis, ever considering, I send the message that the corona virus does not spread where the wills accumulate,

Now a new video of Maulana Nasir Madani has been released, in which he denied all his previous statements and said that the Lahore Police has given a briefing which is indeed in favor of Pakistan and the whole humanity and with this they have done what they want. He urged the victims to carry out preventative measures such as the Corona virus and ensure the implementation of sanctions.

Allama Nasir Madani said, “All the viewers I want, my chickens and my butter! You fight against the Corona virus, support your police, army and government, do not shake hands with anyone, do not hug anyone, support the doctors, do not sit together in the houses but also sit separately, a towel. Do not use other, wash your hands frequently with soap, work for humanity in Pakistan and all over the world, ration in the houses of the poor, I was briefed by the Lahore Police and the briefing given was for the rights of Pakistan and humanity. I’m in, it’s time to fight against Corona, don’t go out to the shops and don’t open shops. “

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