“Ali P10 Zhao Haiping’s Test of Wang Xi” Controversy over who is right?

SAN FRANCISCO Dec. 22 news recently, “Ali P10 Zhao Haiping interview Wang Yin” programmers in the industry caused controversy. Earlier, Wang Ye was invited to Alibaba to interview, and the interviewer was Zhao Haiping of P10 (researcher). Wang Ye said that during the entire interview process, Zhao Haiping was not exploring the talent of a person at all, but questioning the resume and degrading his blog content, and talking about “P vs NP” (a super difficult problem in the computer field) Preach. In the end, due to negative feedback, he failed to join Ali.

However, Zhao Haiping said that Wang Yan should share his best work with the interviewer, explaining in detail why it is difficult, why it is meaningful, and why it has a profound impact on the company, rather than directly asking the interviewer what it does. Do you understand? Zhao Haiping also said, “If you are not convinced, you can come again or prove your strength by other means, instead of slamming the interviewer.” Also, Zhao Haiping said that the result of the entire interview was a team decision. “If my opinion is not reliable, it will still be rejected by the team.”

According to reports, Wang Zheng was once sent to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Tsinghua University but eventually dropped out. He has since dropped out of Cornell University and Indiana University Bloomington. He is good at blogging and has a good reputation among programmers.

Zhao Haiping was Facebook’s first Chinese employee and joined Ali in 2015. He said that his main job was to make a PHP compiler at Facebook, and led the team at Alibaba to add transparent coroutines in Java.

Some netizens said that the two of them may have different attitudes to the interview. Wang Ye thought he was a personal talent and was invited to interview. He hoped that Alibaba would talk about something worth joining by himself; and Zhao Haiping thought that he would recruit senior Positions, of course, you should ask the people who come to the interview. Eventually led to conflict during the interview. Who do you think is wrong with this?

After writing the story of “Revisiting the” P vs NP “Problem”, after a few months, I think it should be decrypted, or I will be in my heart. The following content will also be added to this article.

Why would anyone have a chance to speak like that when facing me? Here’s the thing. A project team at Alibaba wanted me to join them. Since I can’t find my exact contact information everywhere, I don’t think much about LinkedIn, and it took me a month or two to contact me. I seemed to be sincere and finally decided to talk to them. Although I often hear about Ali’s “996” phenomenon and office politics is very serious, they are so sincere in such high-level positions. I thought I might find out.

After repeated invitations, I finally visited Hangzhou Alibaba headquarters. I feel average about Ali’s working environment and technical level, but people are sincere. After they came back, they asked me for a resume and said that they would put it in the system and go through a process. Because of the group’s rigid requirements, people in another department had to cross-interview. I didn’t want to give a resume because I just wanted to take a look at it. I didn’t want to join so formally. But in the end, they arranged a video interview. I didn’t know who to meet at the time, I thought it was a high-level Ali “partner”, but I didn’t expect to meet this person.

Throughout the interview process, he wasn’t discovering one’s talent at all. For the positive role that the company could play, he grabbed my resume at the beginning and said, “Why didn’t you go to work for a year after you returned? You are rich The second generation! “Then turned out my blog, degrading me one by one:” What is the meaning and value of writing these? I don’t think I can learn anything from them … “Then he started to talk about “P vs NP” preaching does not give people a chance to reply at all.

My friends heard that someone was talking to me like this, and they said, “If I interview him, I just hang up his phone.” So I’m kind, and I talked reasonably well until the end. Stay.

Of course, the final result was due to his negative feedback, and the cooperation between Ali and my project team could not be concluded. A friend of mine checked this person, an Ali P10, and said to me, “The project team of Ali is so poor. Something so good has been ruined by someone!” I thought these people were sincere before going to take a look In the end, it was so unpleasant. Alibaba, therefore, left a very bad impression on me, and future cooperation will not be considered.

It is understood that this person is legendary to be the first Chinese employee of Facebook, and his FB badge says “The Greatest Computer Scientist” (the greatest computer scientist). I consider myself so high, so it is not surprising to have such a performance 🙂

I am Zhao Haiping, hesitating again and again, or reply to the questioning of Wang Yan. The hesitation is because I have interviewed a thousand or two thousand people in my career and never responded to the interviewer after the fact because the best practice in the interview training is to tell the interviewer not to respond, and to expose details and specific reasons It violates the company’s regulations, but I understand and sympathize with Wang Xi ’s feelings and the frustration of failing the interview. In the motive of love and cherishing talents, I will simply explain it, but I still ca n’t expose too many details illegally I can only explain a little bit about the questionable place, forgive me.

The most critical process of the entire interview happened to be a detailed understanding of the specific job on the resume. This Wang Ye was not mentioned at all in the blog. I asked for nearly 20 to 30 minutes. I hope Wang Ye can realize this part. It ’s the real part of the interview. You should try to share your best job with the interviewer. Explain in detail why it ’s difficult, why it ’s meaningful, and why it has a profound impact on the company, rather than asking the interviewer what it does. I do n’t understand, I ’m sorry, I happened to be a compiler, I made a PHP compiler on Facebook, and led the team at Alibaba to add a transparent coroutine in Java, so this interview is indeed Wang Yun’s luck Not so good, met me 🙂

As for the discussion of blogging, it is after the discussion of resume work. If it was not for seeking highlights and discovering abilities, I would not go to the blog. At that time, only one article was discussed. Many others are experiential sharing. I am not May be asked in a high-level interview. In this article P vs NP, I thought we had a good exchange of opinions, and finally reached an agreement, that is, “there is not much practical significance, but it has its value and theoretical significance.” The whole process is only 5 to 10 minutes. I didn’t say “you are too self-righteous”, “what is the value of writing these blogs all day long”, “what is the point and value of writing these?” (The normal tone of the sentence is yes, That’s part of the interview), “I don’t think I can learn anything from it”, “You even dare to criticize” P vs NP “,” You didn’t even say “Do you know if” P vs NP “is resolved? , The world will change upside down, how many calculation problems will be solved “, I did say, if P = NP, then the multi-layered calculation difficulty building above will collapse into a layer, is this sentence understood? Become “the world will change upside down”?

I just took this opportunity to condemn the 36-year-old Xiaofan “Iyar”, https://36kr.com/p/220539 This article was written in 2015. I just returned to China at that time, so I do n’t know so I just want to ask He/she has two questions. (1) When did I say I was going to save Ali’s code? (2) The slogan is not the title. The slogan is when the company joined Facebook in 2007. The company said that it can print their favorite title or slogan. I wrote “The Greatest Computer Scientist!” The exclamation point is to hope that I can become a great computer scientist. I was as arrogant as Wang Ye, but I did nothing at that time, without any capital pride and arrogance. Even today, I never feel that I have something remarkable. As a result, The editor’s lame English and lack of professional ethics portrayed him as an arrogant person, so I hope Fanyao can come forward and apologize to me.

But I do n’t want Wang Yan to write as much as I want. A failed interview just means that it does not meet the high-level requirements, and it is not a total denial of a person. If you are not convinced, you can come again or prove your strength in other ways, instead of slamming the interviewer.

Incidentally, the result of the entire interview was a team decision of the company. I was invited to give feedback. If my opinion is not reliable, it will still be rejected by the team. I very much hope that Wang Xi ’s “Ali ’s friend” is in I told Wang Ye my name illegally and told Wang Ye the detailed reason illegally 🙂 May help Wang Ye understand the result of the interview, and I also hope that this “Ali friend” can come to me and talk about it Oh, please ask me for an interview and betray me 🙂

Well, I like to make jokes. I made a joke at the time, and I had a job without a job for a year. This is a red flag (vigilance information). I have to ask the reason. I ’m kidding. “No Need to make money, the kind of rich second generation? 😉 Now it is inappropriate to think about it, I hope Wang Xuan forgive me!

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