AirPods Pro’s no-can performance drastically reduced with latest firmware? Audio equipment review site verified

Apple frequently releases firmware updates for AirPods and AirPods Pro. These are mainly focused on fixing minor bugs, but it has been reported that recent updates have significantly reduced the noise cancellation function. The problem is the firmware “2C54” released on December 16 (US local time). In response to a report from a major overseas bulletin board Reddit et al. That “ you can hear more external noise than before ”, the audio device review site RTINGS updated AirPods Pro to 2C54 and verified it It depends.

RTINGS test results revealed some notable changes, both good and bad. The biggest improvements are, in part, the consistency of the frequency response and, secondly, the increased accuracy of the bass. RTINGS had previously described AirPods Pro as “excellent” for the latter, but said that after the 2C54 update “significantly significant improvement” was observed.

However, a notable change for many users is the changing performance of active noise cancellation. According to RTINGS, the 2C54 update has “significantly reduced the isolation (sound insulation) performance”, and mainly the bass range has deteriorated. Specifically, it is said that low engine sounds of airplanes and buses could not be blocked well.

At the time of writing, Apple has not officially acknowledged these complaints. However, according to Apple-related information site 9to5Mac, distribution of 2C54 was immediately stopped. This no longer spreads the number of users affected by 2C54, but it does not provide any improvement for an environment that has already been updated.

AirPods and AirPods Pro firmware updates are not announced like iOS and watchOS and are often released very quietly. It is not automatically checked for updates, and is installed automatically when connected to the motherboard’s iPhone or iPad, so there is no way for users to notice or prevent updates.

You can check the AirPods Pro firmware by connecting to the iPhone and selecting [General]> [Info]> AirPods Pro from the Settings app. By the way, my AirPods Pro has been updated to 2C54.

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