Airbnb launches new governance strategy: employee bonuses linked to customer safety

Airbnb said the company will take into account indicators such as guest safety when issuing employee bonuses. The company is working to tackle crime and other issues with renting houses on its platform. 

Airbnb says these changes are part of its strategy, which aims to be both business success and a good corporate citizen. According to a blueprint released last Friday, the company also stated that it will set up two teams, one composed of members of the board of directors and the other composed of employees dedicated to serving stakeholders, including landlords, guests, investors, employees and the community where the listing is located.

San Francisco-based Airbnb is one of the most valuable venture-backed private companies in the United States and plans to go public this year. The company says it will host a “stakeholder day” to report on progress and provide stakeholders with the opportunity to ask questions to company leaders. The event date has not been determined.

When linking employee bonuses to guest safety and other non-financial indicators, Airbnb said it will make its more than 6,000 employees worldwide, including its management team, take greater responsibility for what happens inside and outside its platform. Other pay-related indicators include increasing gender and racial diversity in the workforce and reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Airbnb said on its website: “Serving all stakeholders is the best way to build a high-value business and the right thing to do for society. We are far from being a perfect company, so we want to share what we are doing.”

An article in the Wall Street Journal last December focused on Airbnb’s customer safety records. The most recent incident was Halloween Night when shooting on a house rented on the company’s platform killed five people. A few days later, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said that the company would open a hotline with a rapid response team to handle complaints, expand the screening of “high-risk” orders marked by internal systems, and begin to screen all 7 million homes Source checklist for accuracy and quality checks.

Airbnb said the company has improved security measures in recent months. Last month, the company also committed $ 150 million to security measures and a dedicated line so city officials can get in touch with the company in the event of a problem.

Addressing security issues, such as voyeur landlords using cameras to monitor guests, has been a difficult task for Airbnb. Airbnb said: “A company’s performance depends on how it is governed. We must ensure that the principles we develop and the data we collect are considered when we make decisions and motivate employees.

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