After TikTok Was Banned in India Local Competing Apps have Seized the Market

After TikTok was banned in India, local competing apps have seized the market

After TikTok Was Banned in India Local Competing Apps have Seized the Market: Netease Technology News, July 4, according to foreign media reports, because the Indian government banned Chinese company applications, including the popular TikTok international version of Indian users, TikTok, Indian technology and entertainment companies are using this sudden Opportunity to seize the vacated market. An Indian video application operator said it surged 22 million users in 48 hours.

This week, India banned 59 applications owned by Chinese companies from running in the Indian market, including TikTok under ByteDance and WeChat under Tencent. Since 2014, the short video application TikTok has been generally welcomed by international users, and its users in India have reached 200 million.

Roposo is a social media application for video sharing in India, similar to TikTok. Roposo founder Mayank Bhangadia told the media that within two days of India’s ban on TikTok, the Roposo user base increased by 22 million.

Due to the surge in users, Roposo seems to have become difficult to parry. “In the past few days, I have only slept for a total of five hours, and our entire team is like this,” Bangadia said. “The load is too large, we must ensure that the user experience is as smooth as possible.”

Roposo’s downloads on Google Android have so far totaled more than 80 million, and Bangadia expects that this number will easily reach 100 million in a few days. Before the Indian government banned Chinese apps, Roposo had about 50 million installations on Android devices. In India, most users use Android operating system platform phones, while the number of Indian smartphone users is close to 500 million.

The southern city of Bangalore is known as the technological capital of India, and Roposo is in that city. Bangadia said that Roposo currently has only 200 employees, but plans to recruit 10,000 new employees in the next two years, and may expand the application’s business to a global scale.

In addition to Roposo, TikTok’s local Indian competitive applications include Chingari and Mitron. These local competitive applications are also favored by local users due to the ban on Chinese applications.

An Indian government minister said, “We must build our own ecosystem. Every country has done so. This is our self-reliance plan.”

The new app is also joining the battle to compete in the market. Rajneel Kumar, the head of Zee5, a digital division of Mumbai-based Zee Entertainment Enterprises, said the company will launch an ad-supported short video application platform called HiPi in the next two months .

The development of HiPi is aimed at TikTok users. Kumar expressed the hope that former TikTok users will “find a home in HiPi so that they can continue to enjoy what they like in TikTok.” (Tianmen Mountain)

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