After four years of hard work complete round smartphone ready

It is shaped like a round box of face powder and not a circle, but a “Critical Phone”. Because of its size, it easily adjusts to a small pocket. Four years ago, it was developed by a start-up company and launched Crowd Funding for Kickstarter.

Although it has touchscreen and camera support, it offers only wireless support which can make people feel free to buy it, but those who prefer the new redesigned phone may buy it because it has clothes. Can also be easily pasted on the outer layer of the

The delay in the design was the preparation of the circuit in the round phone which proved to be the biggest challenge. Cristina Sayer, head of Circle Phone Manufacturing Company, says that screen preparation was a difficult step, which was a happy ending.

All the latest apps work on CIRCLE PHONE and can also be taken a selfie. Now this phone is being showcased and inaugurated throughout the United States

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