Aditya did an Underwater Kissing Scene Shoot

Aditya did an Underwater Kissing Scene Shoot

Bollywood film Malang has been released, in this film, Disha Patani and Aditya Roy Kapoor are seen in the lead roles, the story of Goa is being shown in the film.

There is such a scene that attracts the film from all sides. That scene is Aditya and Disha Patni’s underwater kissing scene. Yes, during a recent interview, Disha and Aditya tell the story behind their scene

. In which Disha says that she has training to shoot this scene. Was a day for In such a situation, he did not have much time due to continuous shooting and he was very tired.

According to Disha, he and Aditya had to stay underwater for 10 hours for this shoot. Yes, not only that but during the shoot of this scene they did not get out .

because there was so much depth and they could not get in and out again and again. In this direction Disha told that during this time there was no light and he had to breathe with the help of oxygen mask which was quite tuff. Then there was nothing visible due to darkness, and then I could not even open my eyes because there was chlorine in the water.

The same Aditya says that during this time, the divers were repeatedly helping to give oxygen to the shoot. Though it was easy for the scene divers but it was equally difficult for us. However, both the stars had a lot of fun during this time. Let us know that the film has earned 6.70 crores on the first day.

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