Accused of FBI pressure, Apple abandons iCloud backup encryption plan

NetEase Technology News on January 22, according to Reuters, about two years ago, Apple abandoned its plan to end-to-end encryption of its cloud service iCloud, the company disclosed this to the FBI This decision was made shortly after the plan.

The FBI’s opposition to Apple’s plan is not surprising. Because the FBI has previously pressured Apple to ask to facilitate the cracking of Syed Farook’s iPhone in San Bernardino, California. 
However, the real reason for Apple’s abandonment of its iCloud backup encryption plan is unclear, and the desire of law enforcement may be secondary.

One of the sources said that Apple would no longer “smash the honeycomb” and risked renewed opposition with the FBI. But at the same time, a former Apple employee said that the company abandoned the iCloud backup encryption plan, possibly because of concerns that encryption would cause iCloud backups to be locked more frequently, leaving customers unable to access their data.

Apple declined to comment, and the FBI has not responded to requests for comment so far.

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